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10 Wacky Road Signs Around the World WEIRD CRAZY ROAD
More Amusing Funny & Stupid Signs | Ha...hehe...etc.. | Funny signs, Funny, Funny street signs
15 Terrible Road Signs
10 funny road signs. This list contains ten crazy and weird road signs from around the world | planet earth. Do you know strange and insane road signs?
Road signs. There are actually signs somewhat like this near my hometown.
20 Funny Street Signs From Around The World More
50. No Shooting (notice the sign in the back)
Funny road signs and funny warning signs: Go Ahead. Drink and Drive: Jail, Hospital Morgue!
canada has the very best road signs | sheep | Pinterest | Funny signs, Signs and Funny road signs
Australia's strangest road signs: 16 road signs you'll only see in Australia
The creation of safe and legible road signs is an art, but the 10 traffic guideposts below demonstrate not all sign makers are Michelangelo.
Panther Crossing Sign
Photo: Lee Atkinson Read more; Christmas Island. It might look like a scary six-legged space monster, but
Australia's strangest road signs: 16 road signs you'll only see in Australia
49. Toilet Sign
Natalia Vlasova
Pin by Paula Dillon on OPD=Obsessive Penguin Disorder | Pinterest | Funny signs, Signs and Funny road signs
Humorous Traffic Signs
Craig Nordaker
Photo: Lee Atkinson Read more; Charlotte Plains, Cunnamulla. One sign fits all animals great and small in Cunnamulla in
3. You Should Have Taken Bicycle Instead
11. Heavy Pedestrians
Joy Jewett
Dating Prohibited
Barry Roney
Hilarious signs and funny traffic signs: Speed limit whatever! Anti-crash force fields now in effect. Have fun!
46. However, Cows Are OK
47. Be Careful
Christina L.
Janette Johnson
Slide 1 of 26: A recent survey by Kwik Fit revealed that one in five
Sleep in a 1950s tepee? Why not.
Weird Road Signs | 15 weird road signs from around the world Funny Warning Signs,
Weird Roadside Attractions America Unclaimed Baggage Center Alabama
13. Mountain Lion
Lost in Translation Signs - The Funniest Engrish Signboards That Actually Exist
Funny Traffic Signs Treasure: Funny Street Signs Galore Funny Street Signs, Funny Road Signs
New Jersey's Clinton Road is known for the incredible amount of strange tales connected to it. Mob hitmen, satanic rituals, ghosts, bizarre creatures with ...
Humorous Traffic Signs. Funny Street SignsFunny Road ...
Swick » 10 Funny Signs
Weird and Unusual Places - The World's Most Ridiculous Place Names - Thrillist
Kiss and Ride Sign
A red car vehicle touring the scenic mountain highways. A popular road trip in the
Those are cattle?
Alabama: Booger Hollow Road
20 Hilarious Vandalized Signs. world's smallest pepee sign
10 Road Signs You Can't Believe Don't Exist In Los Angeles..!!! Omg! I <3 LOVE <3 these signs, for they really should exist, loloud.
But it does have a name…
Crucifix Sign
20. Don't do.. (what?)
42. Nowadays You Can't Trust Anybody
51. Low Flying Owls
15. Welcome
five forks trickum rd.
Hammer Time Stop Sign
25 of the most confusing road signs in the UK
We expect roads to be fairly straightforward. You go straight; maybe you turn left or right once in a while. That's not always the case as Jalopnik readers ...
Photo: Lee Atkinson Read more; 'Consealed'. I'm not 100 one hundred per cent sure, but '
... Route 295 (not built to interstate standards) also boasts some odd signage and it's enough to make any graphic artist shudder. South of Benning Road, ...
30 (Crazy) Things You Will See Driving in Puerto Rico
Shutterstock. Imagine driving down a scenic road ...
Highway signs for I-95 and I-295 at the exit for New Brunswick
chicken crossing the road
... Weightlifting kangaroos in Tasmania. Tasmania may be our smallest state but whatever they feed their
There's all sorts of weird creatures about, if you believe
Most Dangerous Roads In The World
Photo: Lee Atkinson Read more; Lightning Ridge. Finding the town of Lightning Ridge - also famous for its opals -
Jennifer Marshall
Does this mean anything to you? Sometimes roads ...
Check out some other funny signs that are totally messing with you.
... Victor Harbor Granite Island penguins. Penguins definitely have the right of way on Granite Island
40. Be Careful
Dildo, Newfoundland
Tokyo, one of the world's biggest and most vibrant metropolises, is a crazy mix or past present and future that intoxicated travelers without fail.

Beware of People Crossing the Road
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11-weird-funny-highway-signs Imgur. 10.
The District is chock-full of vexing parking restrictions — even commuter savants are befuddled from time to time. Most drivers know to study the signage ...
Road closed?
Photo: Lee Atkinson Read more; Daintree cassowaries. Sometimes a picture really is worth 1000 words, or in this case
There Are Better Ways to Kill Traffic Than Lying to Waze
9. BJ