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A Chinese guerrilla team armed with rifles and dadaos near
Chinese guerillas armed with rifles and dadao (traditional sabers) are photographed in a village near Canton (Guangzhou) after Imperial Japanese forces had ...
Member of the Chinese Northern Warlord Army with a Mauser probably in the 1920's | Army's through History | Pinterest | Army, History and Civil wars
A local militia armed ...
Here are the same four women with officers from the 29th army. Note the soldier
A Social and Visual History of the Dadao: The Chinese “Military Big-Saber.”
Chinese Soldiers, Hankou. 1938 Robert Capa, Robert Ri'chard, World War
It is worth remembering that a variety of blades were carried by Chinese troops between 1920 and 1945. Not even all “Big Sword” units were issued Dadao.
Japanese Dadao.600 DPI.2benjudkins
1944- U.S. and Chinese soldiers display captured "trophies", including guns and battle
One of the most famous images of a Chinese soldier with a Dadao. Originally published
Female Chinese guerilla fighter armed with a Mauser C96 handgun, China, ca.1939
Soldiers of the Chinese communist Eighth Route Army on the drill field at Yanan, capital of a huge area in North China which is governed by the Chinese ...
Chinese Civil War Armies 1911-49 - Anti-Japanese fighters and Communist guerrilla in Manchuria, New Fourth Army
National Revolutionary Army sniper
Japanese officer giving candy to Chinese kids
A Qing era police patrol. Note the mix of both modern rifles and a Dadao, used for executions. This photo was a popular subject for reproduction and can ...
Soviet Soldiers Sitting on the Throne of Puyi the Last Emperor of China in Manchuria 1945
Kurata Koyama Corps, Japanese Army, Northern China, date unknown - pin by Paolo
U.S. soldier admires one of the two guardian Gods of the temple in the Western Hills; Huating Temple, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. c1945.
Chinese refugees seek shelter at the Guangji Hospital in Hangzhou sometime during the second World War. The Red Cross helped to protect thousands of Chinese ...
Chinese Maxim M1910 machine gun team near Kunlun Pass, Guangxi, China, Dec 1939-Jan 1940
1939, Northwest China, Chinese Muslim fighters gather to fight against the Japanese
A yard in which captured Chinese weapons and material is being sorted by Japanese soldiers. Source: Author's personal collection.Chinese swords captured by ...
Nationalist soldier executing a member of the Guangzhou Commune, 1927.
Undated photograph ...
Member of a local militia outside of Guangzhou, 1938. Source: Vintage war photography
Testing the edge. A Chinese soldier with dadao. General Zhang pointed to the initial success of troops armed with “Big Swords” as proof of the importance of ...
Angolan War of Independence
Chinese Army late WWII uniform, pin by Paolo Marzioli
American Volunteer Group pilots with a P-40 fighter, China, 1940
Chiang Kai-shek, leader of China, in the middle, meets with Muslim Generals Ma Hongbin (second from left) and Ma Hongkui (second from right) at Ningxia, ...
A Tibetan Buddhist deity sculpture, possibly in the Yonghe Temple, Peking (Beijing). c1947, Dmitri Kessel.
Members ...
China, 1940s. photo: Arthur Leonard Fiddament.
Members ...
Originally from a reprint of a period manual sold by Lion Books in Taiwan.A Chinese soldier in the Nationalist Army. Manchuria, 1937.
[ IMG]
William Acevedo was kind enough to send me a copy of this picture where the banner being held in the foreground is now legible. Thanks so much!
Flying Tigers pilots with a P-40 fighter, China, early 1940s. Photographer Claire Booth Luce
Useful Notes / Second Sino-Japanese War
Mongolian cavalry in 1939, around the time of the fight over Khalkhin Gol . These battles were fought in 1939 between Soviet forces and Japanese occupiers ...
Women holding Dadaos. William Acevedo has informed me that they may have raised the money to pay for a shipment of weapons are are posing with some of the ...
Chinese community in Singapore with celebration banners in the city streets after the surrender of Japan, 1945.
President Wang Jingwei at a military parade on the occasion of the third anniversary of the establishment of the government
A German soldier with an MP 18 in Northern France, 1918
Japanese military postcard. The soldiers on the right carry blades with longer handles and round guards. Some sources refer to these blades as Podao.
Angolan War of Independence Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Angolan War of Independence At Popflock.com
[ IMG]
historicaltimes: “ The “Follyphone”, a fake musical instrument designed by Lewis Sydney
I suspect that these are raw recruits or members of a paramilitary group.
Type 99 rifle
The crew aboard the USS Edsall (DD-219) in Shanghai, China, on Sept 28, 1940.
Training of F.N.L.A. soldiers in a camp in Zaire in 1973
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943—an MP28 featured in a photo from the Stroop Report
A couple days ago I wrote a post offering up an alternative model to the current way GURPS handles Rate of Fire bonuses for automatic weapons.
Aerial engagements of the Second Sino-Japanese War
Author and scholar Ben Judkins describes the Dadao, or 'big saber', a weapon that saw use even during the war with Japan in the 1930s and 1940s.
New Fourth Army
Since the PLA is still undergoing the mechanization progress (which still isnt finished by 2013 - only 50% mechanization of the PLA as of today!), ...
A movie about the war of resistance Soldier Story
By the winter of 1941 the Luftwaffe Flak was becoming primarily a ground force constantly supporting both army and Waffen-SS divisions in the field.
Two soldiers in Vietnam, armed with M14 rifles.
Japanese troops entering Shenyang during Mukden Incident.
A commonly republished photo showing nationalist soldiers in ranks all carrying Dadaos. Date unknown, probably 1930s.
[ IMG] Sheng's soldiers on military drill bearing the ...
The photo above shows Chinese civilians kowtowing to Japanese infantry marching by. Whether they have been forced to do it, or if it is a voluntary attempt ...
An American trading card from the 1938 “Horrors of War” series. This image was labeled “Chinese 'Big Sword' Corps Resist the Japanese.
Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and his wife Madame Chiang with Lieutenant General Joseph W. Stilwell in 1942. Conflicts among China, the ...
The Dadao also had a certain cache in peasant circles as it harkened back to the “Big-Sword” militias of the 19th century and the vast body of folklore that ...
A Vickers machine gun team 'in action' near El Alamein, 17 July 1942
Beginning of the conflict[edit]
Japanese troops surrendering to the Chinese
Bracing or otherwise supporting the weapon would probably just extend the drop-off point, as it matters to this model. A bipod might give it x3, ...
An American Soldier advances somewhere in France 1944, during World War II