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Chungking Express Quite possibly my favorite scene in any movie I
Chungking Express. Quite possibly my favorite scene in any movie. I'm not quite sure if it is, but it's awfully close.
The blonde wig woman from the first story (Source)
quite possibly my favourite film by Wong Kar Wai - Chungking Express
I liked the essay well enough that, rather than write a new article, I decided to reprint it here and add some additional thoughts after.
Surrender to the Void: Favorite Films #5: Chungking Express Film Et, Film
Film Review: Chungking Express (1994)
Chungking Express。這些年裡面,我也不知道我可以去邊,
Tony Leung talking to the soap in Chungking Express slays me everytime. The poor soap
Chungking Express (The Criterion Collection)
Chungking Express Chungking Express, Cinema Movies, Film Movie, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Film Quotes
Keynote: Chungking Express
Now I've been known to go on the odd rant about the issue of style over content in Hollywood movies, which puts me in a somewhat awkward position when I get ...
Chungking Express (Wong Kar-wai, 1994)
Chungking Express alternative movie poster
Chungking Express [DVD] [1994] [1995]
According ...
The 10 Best Scenes in Wong Kar-wai Films « Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists
Chungking Express: Battle of the BluRays
Chungking Express (1994)
(Chungking express)
Chungking Express. "
"Actually, really knowing someone doesn't mean anything. People change." - Chungking Express (1994) Dir. Wong Kar-wai. "
chunking express.
“chungking express” (1994)
The central location of the first half of Chungking Express is Chungking Mansions, one of the oldest and most famous buildings on Hong Kong's Kowloon side.
Chungking Express [Blu-ray]
Amazon.in: Buy Chungking Express DVD, Blu-ray Online at Best Prices in India | Movies & TV Shows
For all the endless discussion of various aspects of Twin Peaks, one quality that sometimes feels neglected is the incongruous fact that it had one of the ...
Of Love and the City
Chungking Express (HD Telecine Remastered DTS Edition) DVD
Chungking Express [VHS]
Chungking Express by Brigitte Lin
The two main characters from the first story (From jcplikesfilms.files.wordpress.com)
The Scary Films for Kids That Inspired My Love of Horror
He has long been on the shovel-list of the purists who think his movies are glorified sleaze and certifiably smut. I agree his products are not hugely ...
In Dreams: 20 Years of 'Chungking Express'
By comparison, Fallen Angels is a far more erotic film. If Chungking Express is the pop 45, then Fallen Angels is its B-side. It's a little darker, ...
Chungking Express - The Cranberries/Dreams
The 10 Greatest Movies Ever Made
First and foremost, Chungking Express is about relationships in an urban environment. The Hong Kong that we see in Wong's film is a densely populated, ...
The Criticwire Survey: The Best Film of the Last 25 Years
The 10 Best Scenes in Wong Kar-wai Films « Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists
A still from 'Chungking Express'
He recorded that interview when he released Chungking Express in the USA on DVD in 2001 I think. But hell, it's not too interesting and we don't really need ...
100 best Chinese Mainland Films: the countdown
Posted on June 22, 1997 September 16, 2018 by Bryant
It's quite possible the characters that remain have found their connection at last, and maybe even the route out of purgatory.
In The Mood For Love
The 10 Greatest Movies Ever Made « Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists
The 10 Best Scenes in Wong Kar-wai Films « Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists
Over the years, I've encountered several guys who have a chip on their shoulder about Wong Kar-Wai. For whatever reason, they've decided that he's ...
The movie benefits from an ingratiating and eclectic score, drowsy voice-overs, and people who like to eat and talk about romance. Chungking Express ...
The Best Romantic Comedies of the Last Twenty Years
Bridget Lin and Takeshi Kaneshiro meet up in Chungking Express
Chungking Express [Blu-ray]
Amazon.com: Chung-King Express Chinese Movie English Subtitle/ Wong Kar-Wai: Movies & TV
Despite his apparent world-weariness, Cop 663 also falls into the same hopeful camp by the film's end. Once abandoned, he holds no illusions that his ...
WHO WOULD MAKE Chungking Mansions their first destination on a visit to Hong Kong? A Wong Kar-wai fan, that's who. This was the homage a friend wanted to ...
The Criterion BD seems to contain an older master of the movie (MPEG-4 AVC, 1080p), as it's not the WKW remaster. We can tell that from the old credits:
Spanning the years 2000-2009, here's our pick of the underrated movies of the noughties you simply have to see.
In Chungking Express, Cop 663 and Faye make a date to meet at the California Restaurant. Any Wong Kar-Wai fan visiting Hong Kong for the first time will ...
Charlie (Charlie Yeung, Seven Swords) is a motor mouth, just like Ming's blonde, and we're never quite sure that the "Blondie" that Charlie is ...
chungking express. If your favorite romantic films ...
Identity is also explored throughout Chungking Express through the character of Faye. She wears baggy, tom-boyish clothes, with short cropped hair, ...
He Zhiwu watches old video footage of his father
... 髮魔女2). The song was released in Faye Best ...
I would call Chungking Express Kar-Wai's best pop single. While later films were concept albums and symphonies, this one was a summer 45 that you can play ...
I wonder then if Othering plays a role in how Chungking Express is received relative to My Blueberry Nights. I also think that casting Norah Jones—who ...
Intended as a portion of “Chungking Express” and marked by the same dreamy stylistics that made the prior film such an ethereal delight, “Fallen Angels” ...
Jurassic Park was my favorite childhood movie. My other favorites are Empire of the sun, Schindler's list, Saving private Ryan and Jaws.
You really can disregard his later work because these 2 genius movies are enough. Below are the heat poster and Mann directing the iconic face-off scene ...
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“The Woman in the Blonde Wig” inside of Chungking Mansions:
In the extras department you will find exactly what the DVD version of Chungking Express offers – the original US theatrical trailer and an excerpt from the ...
The new Artificial Eye disc compared with the old, the top grabs being from the new release in both cases.
Chungking Express (1994) Right. One thing that's certainly good about the shift to video is that it's easier for amateurs to make and distribute their ...
The 100 Best Vampire Movies of All Time
A line that echoes the line from Chungking Express.
I continued to write reviews for lifestyle website RushTV.com, until the dot com explosion imploded, and then for the next few years I freelanced, ...
The Criticwire Survey: Most-Watched Movies
Yet the whole scene is ironic because the issue at stake hardly amounts to anything (one dollar tip) against the fact they are going to rob a jewellery ...
Happy Together
2. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu You probably know Inarritu as the director who finally got Leonardo diCaprio his long awaited, much deserved Oscar, ...
Quentin Tarantino