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Competing with Tony Stark Reed Richards and Hank Pym for
Henry McCoy, Reed Richards, Bruce Banner, Henry Pym, Amadeus Cho and T'Challa (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 1 601 0001.jpg
Hank Pym meets Amadeus Cho for the first timeComics (i.imgur.com)
Hank Mccoy Beast Xmen
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Mighty Avengers #30 places Tony Stark as being smarter than Hank Pym, ...
And despite not being the smartest person on Earth, with that title officially belonging to Lunella Lafayette (Lunella Lafayette (Earth-616)),
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and Reed's daughter and his second child Valeria Richards.
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It's also led to him making questionable decisions
Criti Noll (Clone) (Earth-616) and Reed Richards (Earth-616) and Secret Invasion Vol 1 1 0001.jpg
And did he have to use a big old bulky machine like Reed Richard's does? No, he used Pym Particles. When Tony Stark ...
So there you have it, a 9 year old girl is the smartest being in the Marvel Universe.
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And Tony Stark has his multiple chess feat against Reed. Putting Tony Stark at the top in chess.
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Richards has faced the mighty Doctor Doom in hand to hand combat altering his body's density and resilience until he is capable of striking and damaging ...
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Not related to the battle, but this scan of Tony has such bad drawing/shading it makes him look like Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Marvel Science Bros: Tony Stark, Hank Pym, and Reed Richards | Marvel | Pinterest | Marvel, Avengers and Marvel dc
Competing with Tony Stark, Reed Richards and Hank Pym for a Superhero Brain Function.
I always favoured that rather than being DOOM's descendant, Kang was actually descended from Tony Stark.
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reed richards mr fantastic
He may not be in the top 10, but considering who's ahead of him, that's nothing to scoff at. The likes of Hank Pym and Reed Richards themselves have noted ...
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #15 cover by Amy Reeder
Hank Pym
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Photo Credit: https://i.imgur.com/nQf5MrK.jpg
... stand as Top Minds Of The Marvel Universe,well it is always debateable between others like Bruce Banner, Amadeus Cho,Hank McCoy, Hank Pym, Tony Stark.
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A look at the many faces of Dr. Henry Pym, by artist Bob Hall
... in Universe, Moon Girl there is THE smartest person in the Marvel universe, able to solve puzzles and equations that even Reed Richards can't touch.
... stand as Top Minds Of The Marvel Universe,well it is always debateable between others like Bruce Banner, Amadeus Cho,Hank McCoy, Hank Pym, Tony Stark.
So there you have it, a 9 year old girl is the smartest being in the Marvel Universe.
A true polymath who dabbles in numerous scientific disciplines, Reed Richards is widely considered to be the smartest person in the world.
Still, what could wrong with that?
Dr. Doom (Pre-God), Lex Luthor, Reed Richards, John Constantine, Hank Pym, and Tony Stark
Discovering Pym Particles
Avengers Academy Vol 1 7 Textless
Thor, at least, reacted badly.
It's Reed.
Reed Richards with H.E.R.B.I.Es.
This little 9 year old can solve puzzles even Reed Richards can't, and can do so in seconds.
What Is To Henry Pym As Alcohol Was To Tony Stark? Extreme Dispositional Changes In The Characters Of Superheroes: Part 1 of 2
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Moon Girl.
... to reconsider, Richards mrfantasticcomics2
Reed. He can expand his rubber-brain as much as he pleases. Nobody can compete with that!
Extreme plasticity: He has extruded himself thin enough to be able to use a feeder cable from a gas valve to escape a death trap created by Doctor Doom in ...
Hank Pym, like so many Marvel luminaries, was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Much like the Fantastic Four (who debuted the previous year) and the Hulk ...
(Avengers I#69 (fb) - BTS) - After Tony Stark was mortally injured on an Avengers mission trying to fight an Iron Man Life Model Decoy he was taken to New ...
Amadeus Cho
... that Pym had going on with Eternity? Shouldn't this technically make him more intelligent than Reed? Was this just retconned or something?
Fantastic Four vol.1 #358 gives us a more complete understanding of Reed Richards powers (shown below)
Avengers (Earth-3490) from Dark Reign Fantastic Four Vol 1 2 0001
the Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Namor, love triangle, sub-mariner
Contain Explosions: Mister Fantastic may use his elastic form to contain explosions by enveloping them and allowing their force to expand him.
Hank Pym & Wasp
Iron Man. From Wikipedia ...
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He broke into Pym's lab and absconded with the Ant-Man suit and helmet. It was all to save his daughter Cassie, and so Pym let it go.
Cover of Avengers 59 by John Buscema
Finally Reed entered State University in Hegeman, New mrfantasticcomics1
Interior of Avengers 213 showing "the slap." Art by Bob Hall, words by Jim Shooter
Am I the only one that would like to hold up a magnefying glass and see if he starts to melt?
Avengers Classic Vol 1 3
As we've discussed before, the Henry Pym of Tales To Astonish #44 is suddenly revealed to have had a previously unmentioned - and cruelly murdered - wife in ...
(Iron Man I#19) - Following the operation, Santini met with Anthony Stark who was in great spirits and feeling like a new man after waking up.
Cover ...
Iron Man and Hank Pym both have ridiculous depth to their understands of their particular fields.
Film / Avengers: Age of Ultron
File:2015 Reed Richards.jpg
Fantastic Four
Prince Namor - Lord of Atlantis
Ultimate Hulk (Dr. Bruce Banner) (Earth-1610) vs. The Maker (Reed Richards) (Earth-1610) | art by Esad Ribic
Age of Ultron Vol 1 9
15 Marvel Characters That Were Made To Dislike But Fans Love (15 That We Were Supposed To Like And We Didn't)
Hank Pym Detective Comics, Marvel Comics Art, Marvel Heroes, Marvel Avengers, Harry
Pym has regressed and recovered from being a mean bastard numerous times over the years to suit the whims of various writers, but none did that ...
-Prior to getting the Ant-Man suit was a thief -Successfully stole the Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym -Successfully broke into Stark Industries almost ...
As the story goes, the Avengers came about because Marvel publisher and legendary skinflint Marin Goodman saw the Justice League of America comic was ...
Tony Stark, Iron Man
Christmas decorations are everywhere, Christmas music is on the radio, everyone is running from store to store to get all the good bargains.
Black Panther and Dr. Doom ...
Interesting facts about the fantastic four