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Genderbent Sokka The sparkles and the expression are perfect XD
Genderbent Sokka. The sparkles and the expression are perfect. XD
My art Aang Sokka Avatar atla katara zuko toph mai azula the last airbender rule 63 toph bei fong | Genderbend | Pinterest | Avatar la leyenda de aang, ...
Female Aang
Fire nation
Genderbent Zuko *as if she were always on her period* CAN'T STOP
Genderbent Azula ~ Avatar Team Avatar, Korra Avatar, Iroh, Zuko, Avatar World
Azula and Zuko Genderbend (Azulon and Kazuko) can't find source
lol toph that's perfect Zuko, Avatar Series, Team Avatar, Korra Avatar, Korrasami
by beroberos: Genderbent Korra, Korro. I can never wrap my mind around these genderbent korras. Every other character is fine, but male Korra is just too ...
femZuko please forgive me please I love you I wasn't serious o my gosh what did I do. no this is just stupid you asked for more genderbends so…
Genderbent Toph
no one asked for it but HERE YOU GO bunch of genderbend voltron sketches and…
Day 4: my favorite female character is obviously TOPH! TOPH is awesome, nice
Our World XD :
Avatar the Last Airbender Girls | gender bender - Avatar: The Last Airbender Photo (
Tangled Genderbend - Rapunzel by vorabend-taboo on DeviantArt
Sokka Avatar the last airbender #Avatarthelastairbender #Sokka #fem!Sokka #
Astrid x Hiccup genderbent. I find this highly amusing. Even if I think that
Wan and Raava by Biorn-21 on DeviantArt Avatar Ang, The Last Avatar,
my Valentine's Day deviation! XD i haven't done any Sukka (Suki and Sokka) drawings so here goes! Avatar rocks my socks! Leap the Badgerfrog - Sukka
no one asked for it but HERE YOU GO bunch of genderbend voltron sketches and stuff < < < < the genderbend is wrong since pidge is a girl
Maybe Anna was tired of knock the door xD Really love the book "A sister more like me" A Brother More Like Me [GenderBend]
ATLA - June, Zuko, and Azula Die Legende Von Korra, Korra Avatar,
Toph and Katara genderbend. Avatar Funny, Avatar Aang, Avatar The Last Airbender,
Sokka Avatar Couples You Support - Part genderbend. What others are saying. "
Venus: New Design by evilsherbear. It also inspired me to make girl versions of
Iwatobi Swim Club Gender Bender < < < < < < < < < I've been wanting to see this anime, and this makes me want to watch Free! < < Why do I look almost exactly like ...
Avatar characters - genderbend
Fairy Tail - Luke (Luke), Natsu and Happy - Genderbent Fairy Tail Lucy
Lucy Genderbent >>> this Lucy genderbend is perfect
gender-bent nico by zukorra Percy Jackson Head Canon, Percy Jackson Fandom, Solangelo
Sokka finally gets his giant mushroom friend! This is from my favorite episode!
gender bent Anime Oc, Kawaii Anime, Kawaii Girl,
Overwatch Female Version Artwork of Male Champions
Old Sokka | Sokka avatar the last airbender flashback Korra Avatar, Team Avatar, Avatar
Legend of Korra (genderbent Korra)
I guess I can support a yuri genderbent KagaKuro. ;3
Camus and his gender bent Couples Anime, Gender Bender, Uta No Prince Sama,
Sokka? Really... Hmmm... Don't know if I identify that much with him.... ~Avatar Korra FB page
Ranmaru and his gender bent Couples Anime, Manga Anime, Anime Boys, Uta No
4 pic set of Zuko's daughter and Bumi. Hilarious. He's just like Sokka here
fire emblem corrin - Google Search Fire Emblem Characters, Female Avatar, Fire Emblem Fates
Bolin and Mako genderbent
Baby Lucina beats Baby George any day :D
Sokka and FuFu Cuddley Poops... I like this Partnership! :D Avatar
Jerza genderbend Jellal And Erza, Fairy Tail Jellal, Fairy Tail Genderbend, Fairytail,
Genderbent Sebastian. Actual sketch from Yana Toboso! WHAT IS THIS SORSCERY!
art disney Fanart anna frozen genderbending elsa I tried to do hans and kristoff and
Let's go on a bender
Disney villains genderbend Disney Pixar, Disney Villian, Disney And Dreamworks, Disney Fan Art
Hahaha that's just perfect I laughed more than I should have. Avatar Zuko, Avatar
Sailor Moon-actual sailors and genderbent-luv it! XD Moon Images, Moon
Frozen Genderbend-DeviantArt Disney Art, Disney Love, Disney Pixar
ATLA - Sokka, Zuko, Toph, Katara, Aang: avatar last airbender [
Awesome genderbent Elsa cosplay! King Elson? King Elias? - 10 Elsa Cosplays Jack
The anime Free! genderbent Haru, Mako, Nagisa, Rei and Rin! Rei looks like Rize from Tokyo Ghoul!
beautiful Hans XD (Hans is a character from Disney's Frozen) Gender Bender Hans
LOL I love Zuko! <3 Avatar Zuko, Avatar The Last Airbender,
genderbend Kristoff and Sven Gender Bent Disney, Frozen Hans, Disney Au, Disney Magic
Female airbender hairstyle ideas! - Macky Draws! Team Avatar, Avatar Aang, Avatar
Jack Sparrow Genderbend (ah, but didn't they kind of already do that
Kreugan's genderbent Black Widow and Hawkeye. Avengers Superheroes, Marvel Avengers, Marvel Movies,
Flat Male and Female Avatar Creation
One fish, two fish... Will someone please make an Avatar comic strip
Here's a pic of my suit. I go by the "Iron Maiden".
One of my DollDivine creations Fire Nation, Air Nomads, Earth Kingdom, and Water Tribe ~ by rinspurplehair ~ created using the LotR Hobbit doll maker ...
ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Avatar Airbender, Avatar Aang, Team Avatar, Avatar Funny, Avatar Disney,
Avatar: The Last Airbender ~~ My favorite character :: Zuko // BTW
Fem Zuko Team Avatar, Korra Avatar, Fire Nation, Gender Bender Anime, Prince
My art Fanart atla genderbend Korra legend of korra rule 63 lok naga
This is what Zuko asks himself when he finds himself
One of these things is not like the other! One of these things just doesn
Male and Female Avatar Vector Faces (PSD
I don't like the Sokka very much, but Katara was my second time ever drawing a person so I think she turned out okay. More practise and she'll be perfect!
HELLO FELLOW FRIENDS. Its me Hana Midorikawa
poor zuko :D
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She's the only waterbender in the whole southern water tribe. Her mother was one too, but the Fire Nation killed her. Katara also decided to go with Aang so ...
the best her new hair has looked 😍😍😍
Author has written 37 stories for Naruto, Avatar: Last Airbender, Once Upon a Time, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh, Akatsuki no Yona/暁のヨナ, and Hawaii Five-0.
Author has written 97 stories for Naruto, Final Fantasy VII, NCIS, Avatar: Last Airbender, Fullmetal Alchemist, Thor, D.Gray-Man, Harry Potter, Code Breaker ...
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I think this episode (and previous ones, but this one especially) highlights a lot of the way that Azula interacts with, well, everyone, but also how she ...
Oh, and I can't hate anything with Rene Auberjonois's voice in it. I mean it's Odo. Odo (I may have a bit of a voice crush, omgdon'tjudge).
I'm the clumsiest person in the whole wide world. No joke I make tripping upstairs and on flat surfaces look like a piece of cake.XD I'm fun and outgoing ...
#zutara Stories - Wattpad
This challenge shall last until the end of December Rules: - HAS to have gore of some sort (obviously) - NEEDS to have glitter (obviously) - No 18+ content ...
Hi everybody, I'm not the best at writing but I love reading. I will try to write fanfiction and if you like it I might write more.
Author has written 3 stories for Transformers.