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4 Little Dancer sets now available on Etsy. For iMda 3.0. link in bio · Pretty DollsHello ...
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Today's doll is Kenzie, from the Mystery Squad series by Mattel.
This Saucy actually belongs to Emma. In fact, my recent posts on Emma's collections recently came about because my original intention was to do a post on ...
My appointment with the Cardiologist is February 1st. In any case, back to my happy place. The only real doll I got for Christmas was this girl.
Today's doll is one I found at the flea market on Saturday.
Today's doll is another vintage doll.
Puppetrina, as her name suggests, is not just a doll. She's also a puppet.
Today's doll is the Kick and Cheer Kim Possible Deluxe Fashion doll.
Today's doll is Little Miss Margie.
And everybody deserves their own day that's all about them. I always made sure my kids were totally spoiled on their birthdays. Anyway,today I'm showing you ...
Today we're having a flashback to the old 'Skipper Saturday' posts. (There is a year's worth of them,if you care to check them out.) The doll today is ...
So to celebrate Spring, and the other thing I was finally able to do that day,(Take some doll photos outside.),here is a very Springy Sausage Curl Skipper.
Noble Dolls Crew (Rhubarbe/Radicelle - Noble Dolls)
Doll-A-Day 206: Skipper Saturday: Titian Bend Leg Skipper
In fact,the first time I saw the Espari dolls at Barnes and Noble I thought they must use the same sculpts as Journey Girls. Seeing them side by side though ...
Today's doll is this girl.
Today's doll is a multitalented girl.
There are six dolls in the series, which just came out this year: Harry,Ron, Hermione, Ginny,Dumbledore, and McGonagall. While there are always tons of the ...
The story is this: I was looking at Kurhn dolls, and I quite liked them. but I couldn't find one that had the combination of price,body type,clothes,hair ...
Anybody remember Baby Tumbles Surprise?
Today we're looking at My Beautiful Doll Marissa.
Geisha hairdo in FID size by amadiz Doll Wigs, Bjd Dolls, Kimono Outfit,
My complete group--I travelled light this month--consisted of Raccoon Doll Steeze Rosie, Nobility Doll Parrot Yoko, Aileen Doll dragons Rot, Pico Baby Ashes ...
Today's doll is one that truly qualifies as 'The One That Got Away'. She's Bettina.
Doll-A-Day, Day 9 : Ratti Tjorven doll
#Jimin #BTS #BJD
Doll-A-Day 15: Little Miss Marie
I was lucky enough to see her at The Salon during Sybcon 2018 and preordered her right away.
Dream Doll, Collector Dolls, Doll Furniture, Ball Jointed Dolls, Blythe Dolls, Japanese Gardens, Bonsai, Resin, Sculptures
This prompted Ken to announce that the bedroom looked like 'somebody had a bad case of doll-arrhea', when he went in to get a shirt for work. Sorry Ken.
Today's Big Eye doll is Love Me Linda by Vogue Dolls.
Walt Disney World 30th Anniversary Barbie, a Disney World exclusive, 2001 Disney Paper Dolls
But is it creepy?
Vermont Chick (that's me) brought Magic Mirror May (flower skirt), Doll Chateau Ada, Aileen Doll Pico Dragon Ashes, Depths Dolls Deilf (mermaid), Nobility ...
One of the things I bought that day was today's doll,Miraculous Marinette,by Bandai.
Today's Skipper Saturday doll is this brunette Twist and Turn Skipper.
Top 80 Best Beautiful Cute Barbie Doll HD Wallpapers Images Pictures Latest Collection
Matilda w/ Big Pink Chair & Ottoman Hand Carved BJD Wood Doll 7" by Hitty artist
Noble Dolls Asella Tiny Radicelle Rhubarbe Discussion Part 1 | Page 2 | Den of Angels
Cissette by Madame Alexander
Ok, somebody help me. I know American Girls were originally made from a Goetz head scuplt. But what about Bitty Baby? Take a look at this kid:
Check out the Barbie Doll – Nighttime Glamour at the official Barbie website.
AA or Hispanic Happy Family Pregnant Barbie Doll | eBay
I love red haired dolls, so Kelsey was my choice.I think this is the third series of Journey Girls dolls. The previous series was Paris, and this one seems ...
I will show you dolls I love, dolls I have sought for a long time, recently discovered dolls I had to have, dolls from my childhood.
I'll be doing a regular post today too, but our doll for today is an auburn Tammy doll.
Barbie ganha novos biotipos, tons de pele, cores de olhos e estilos de cabelo. Barbie ToysDoll ...
Noble Dolls Rhubarbe
Today's doll is another mystery girl. She's this little lady.
Top 10 Barbie Hairstyles Of All Time Barbie Hairstyle, Doll Hair, Hairdos, All
Today's Shrunken Saturday doll is this girl.
Doll-A-Day 24: Doctor Dolittle by Mattel
His head is made of a strange vinyl that's doing something weird in places,like on and behind his ear.
Today's doll is one that's a bit rare. She's Jackie.
Noble Lord
12.15.5 Jesus Medina Bjd Dolls, Doll Toys, Barbie Dream, Barbie Style
Doll-A-Day 127: Disney Alice by Mattel
Hard Rock Cafe Barbie Diva Dolls, Barbie Collector, Barbie Friends, Barbie Clothes,
I have to say, she does look better with hair, but this is just about the worst wig I have ever seen for a doll.
Got Milk? Barbie | Mattel, Inc. | 1995
Doll-A-Day 2017 #233:Tuesday Taylor and Suntan Tuesday Taylor
Sindy Doll outfits, 1969 - Retronaut Sindy Doll, Barbie, Vintage Girls, Doll
NEW Karate Taekwondo Kung Fu Barbie Posable Doll Martial Artist NRFB
I don't know,because Ivy had grown too old for Barbie movies by the time the Fairytopia movie came out,but I'm assuming this doll is 'Barbie as Elina'.
Fitzwilliam Darcy
1962-Barbie-FASHION-QUEEN-DOLL -Blue-Swimsuit-3-Wigs-amp-Stand-Midge-1-Black-Hair
This is today's doll,Awesome Skateboard Whitney from 2000.
I had all the dolls, I bet LK
Doll-A-Day 122: Gene 'Savannah' by Ashton Drake
Barbie Collector 2016 Ballet Wishes Doll Barbie Ballerina Doll, Barbie I, Barbie Clothes,
Angie was part of a series of Tutti size dolls called Pretty Pairs, produced in 1970. The idea was to have a doll, with it's own doll.
1991 Vintage African American Black Mattel Singing Lil Miss Mermaid Doll #MATTEL
Modeled for us here by the lovely Barbita,my childhood Swirl Barbie,and yes, she's wearing a wig. (Note to childhood self: Do not use glue to repair your ...
The line was begun in 1977 with Mandy. Her friend Jenny followed in 1979. In 1982 Mandy and Jenny werestill being sold, and were joined by new friends Becky ...
Doll-A-Day 16 and Some Auction Scores
NK Newest 5 piece / lot Super beautiful Autumn clothing fashion casual wear clothes for barbie doll Free Shipping
Resinsoul Ya for LaReineRouge в 2018 г. | bjd | Pinterest | Dolls, Bjd dolls и Ball jointed dolls
Прекрасные куклы Чимина ручной работы: вспомнить детство | YESASIA Anime Dolls, Blythe Dolls,
Now We've Got Curvy Barbie, People Are Calling For 'Dad Bod' Ken
These dolls aren't officially called Lapsitter dolls, but they've become known as that. The actual name of the line was Little Girl Dolls, when they were ...
It could be looked at as seeming cheap,or it could be seen as a good idea, as it's probably more biodegradable.The front is all clear plastic, so the doll ...
No, not my brother. I don't have one. Today's doll is Ted by Ideal.
Image result for jason wu avantguard dolls
PLANET OF THE DOLLS: Mattel Introduces The Newest Barbie. But Will It Do Any Good? And What Is 'Beauty' Anyway?
This is our last vintage Stacey doll of Stacey Week. (But the week's not over yet!) She's a 'copper penny' Twist and Turn Stacey.
Fashionistas Ryan (2012) - Ross Princess Star, Ken Doll, Barbie Dolls,
Lot Set Bundle of 3 dolls from Jungle book - Mowgli, Shanti and snake Kaa | eBay
Today's doll is a Stan Laurel ventriloquist doll/dummy, in celebration of what would have been Stan Laurel's 124th birthday today.
High Quality Handmade Vest Top Clothes + Jeans Pants Short For Barbie Doll Casual Clothes For 1/6 BJD Doll
Princess of the Incas - Barbie Doll FROM: Home | Barbie Collector
bimbo doll - Google Search
The first dolls were produced in the early 70's, and included several rag dolls of 'Holly', her friends, and even her brother, 'Robbie Hobbie'.
The Original Teenage Fashion Model™ Barbie® Doll Barbie Basics, Doll Toys, Vintage
Today's doll is Asha, from the Shani line of dolls.
Thanks for joining us! They both have lovely blogs that you might want to check out. Today's doll is two: these Mini Martians.
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