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Papo "Okapi Figure
Endangered: The Okapi is a close relative of the giraffe and is revered in Congo
the Okapi bears striped markings reminiscent of the zebra, it is most closely related to the giraffe. Description from deviantart.com.
Okapis are closest related to the giraffe family. They are native to the Democratic Republic
Okapi Characteristics
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Giraffe Facts & Photos
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Interesting & Amazing Information on Okapis
The giraffe's only living relative is the elusive okapi. Known as the “forest giraffe,” okapi are only found in the dense rainforests of the Congo.
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The okapi's strange markings actually provide camouflage in the rainforest.
Okapi. This is like some sort of evolutionary modern art thing. I love it
The San Antonio Zoo announced Saturday that Chuma, a 29-year-old Okapi
Okapi In Its Rainforest Habitat
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Lion And Lioness – The Royal Couple At Their Best
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Indianapolis Zoo Magazine Fall-Winter 2018 issue Pages 1 - 16 - Text Version | FlipHTML5
A male okapi (Okapia Johnstoni) at the Dublin zoo
a dog standing on top of a grass covered field: Boo the whippet and Mike
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From the forest giraffe to the flufftail: Shocking report reveals that 21,286 animal species are under threat of extinction | Daily Mail Online
IMG_6074 Mix Giraffe Elephant CS-rumbling
2_Cría de jirafa recién nacida - BIOPARC Valencia
Shoo Wee Okapi
Kipenzi takes a break in the giraffe feeding yard July 10, 2015.
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Patients usually present, after an incubation period of two to seven days, with sudden onset of fever, malaise, marked loss of appetite, headache, ...
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Wood frogs freeze their bodies.
Madagascar-2014-CrocFarm-004-3.jpg ...
Lemurs and Crocs
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It is a question that should have been answered in Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories,
The residents of Zoo Miami are ready to welcome back visitors starting on Oct. 14. Photo courtesy Zoo Miami.
The researchers also sequenced the genome of the giraffe's closest living relative, the reclusive okapi
A reason for joy: According to the latest census, more than 600 mountain gorillas
In Africa, the longstanding Western legend of an 'African unicorn' was explained in
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Dear Kipenzi-Letter
The bird study book. Birds; Birds. THE DOWNY WOODPECKER IS FOND OF .
babymoose1 6 Day Old Moose Befriends Maine Family, Dog After Being Abandoned
The family also includes the much smaller okapi (pictured) which only weighs between 200
An okapi in a rainforest
Katie and baby giraffe
Striped Hyena
Nice exhibits of mixed animals. - Review of Dallas Zoo, Dallas, TX - TripAdvisor
According to the experts, orangutans appear to outperform human children in doing this. Previous
Hedgehog-African Pygmy
The Okapi (Okapia johnstoni; pronounced /oʊˈkɑːpɪ/) is a giraffid artiodactyl mammal
IMG_2201 Katie, Jamie and Kipenzi CS-calfdrop
Auggie with a stick CS-eyes
Hand drawn sketch set of animals - shoebill, aardvark, hyena, vulture, okapi
Giraffe genes reveal they rely upon turbo-charged heart for distinctive body shape | Daily Mail Online
Theo Fadel illustration
Mules can't reproduce. Here's the biological explanation why. | Belleville News-Democrat
giraffe-zebra hybrid
Mouse dies after finding its way into 155-year-old mousetrap in a museum | Daily Mail Online
“Otterly” amazing creatures: Celebrating World Otter Day
Photographs of primates and felids in mangroves. From left to right, top row:
North Americans may remember 2005 as the year of Hurricane Katrina, but below the equator another fearsome tempest wrought its own devastation that year.
After getting a full picture of a giraffe's genome, scientists can understand a lot more about how it came to be – and hopefully help secure its existence ...
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Jim's 1st live Okapi
Hey, that antelope is wearing zebra-colored pants! This unique-looking animal is so special that it was actually made the national animal of the Congo.
Avenue of Palms, Los Angeles, California. Alternate Title: no.40 .