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... asleep at the time,Kokichi got out of the dorms and sneaked inside one of the classrooms while making sure nobody would see him,since he didn't know if ...
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... i made a poll that says "which characters should i analyze" and most of you wanted me to make a ouma kokichi one. So here it is, i hope you enjoy it!
birthdayboy ...
... Kokichi Ouma is one of my favorite characters in the entire Danganronpa franchise! What a better way to show that then making an edit set!
user selected cover ...
That eeeeeevvvuuuull face
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Hiyo, while I planned to make my Angie and Iruma analysis along with the ships post first, I wanted to get this out of the way celebrating Ouma's birthday.
Kokichi Ouma ☆ | Danganronpa Amino
Ouma Kokichi☆ Ultimate Supreme Leader | ~Danganronpa Roleplay Amino!~ Amino
It's Our Lord And Savior Ouma Kokichi !
I didn't talk about this in the tone and voice section of this, but when Kokichi offers himself, listen closely. He sounds serious as fuck, but then right ...
Ouma Kokichi Beta Design Thoughts (Possible Spoilers?) | Danganronpa Amino
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Kokichi ...
Anyway, I don't have much to show you all other than a recent drawing of my new favourite character (and you guessed it) ww
Kokichi Ouma | Danganronpa Amino
Ouma Kokichi Moodboard
I sketched a bit her design:
... Danganronpa style. •. •. •. •
Kokichi Ouma | Danganronpa | Pinterest | Danganronpa v3, New danganronpa v3 and Ouma kokichi
Ouma Kokichi | Danganronpa V3
Ouma Kokichi (Seth)
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Ouma Kokichi
[challenges expected] RPG edit | Danganronpa Amino
DIUDG season two: high in the sky. [full] | ~Danganronpa Roleplay Amino!~ Amino
~Danganronpa Roleplay Amino!~ Amino
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beta kokichi
Happy Birthday Kokichi! (Kokichi Ouma B-Day Edit Set) | Danganronpa Amino
Kokichi Ouma's Organization ...
Happy Birthday to Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma Edit
How he would played out.
Anyways , here , the drawing and the proof xd
[OPEN] Danganronpa AU Talent Show Roleplay
Defence Mechanism [Closed Danganronpa V3 Roleplay] | ~Danganronpa Roleplay Amino!~ Amino
Kokichi ouma with mask? more draw on instagram @flufie_art | Danganronpa Amino
Ouma Kokichi | Danganronpa Amino
My name is Michiya and today I created a random oc that I made (randomly). Although I didnt really shade her much and she looks very edgy (like her dad ...
[Epic Rap Battles of Ronpas] Gonta Gokuhara vs Ouma Kokichi | Danganronpa Amino
Please embrace the evil smirk Kokichi has on his face XD
❝ тнere'ѕ мore and мore тo coмe ❞ | ~Danganronpa Roleplay Amino!~ Amino
[Ouma Kokichi] World Is Mine | Danganronpa Amino
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Peri's Challenge Entry
❝ ᴀɴɢɪᴇ's sᴀʟᴇ & ᴛɪᴄᴋʟɪɴɢ ❞ | ~Danganronpa Roleplay Amino!~ Amino
"I'm Ouma Kokichi,SHSL Supreme Leader!"
Ouma Kokichi (王馬 小吉) ...
He has multi-colored buttons running down the middle of his shirt, and he has military badges on his right. He also wears black and purple slip flats and a ...
Danganronpa 1, 2, & V3 Height Charts | Danganronpa Amino
Danganronpa Verbal Beatdown #1 Nagito Komaeda Vs Kokichi Ouma V3 spoilers | Danganronpa Amino