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Sub Station Kit iTeach t Classroom Teaching and Teacher
A quick and easy Sub Station made in under half an hour! Adorable stationary set from Target!! No Prep Sub Resources from Mrs Henry in First!
Educators will be able to implement a basic station rotation in a traditional structure by utilizing key strategies, tools, and research.
Schools combine meditation and brain science to help combat discipline problems
I teach intro to law and sometimes I have to teach my students about controversial,
10 more Pins for your Education board - Outlook Web App, light version Classroom Board
What Works in Comprehension Instruction
No matter what grade I teach next year I am thinking of doing this! Classroom Organization
Supporting Students with Autism: 10 Ideas for Inclusive Classrooms
Teaching abroad: How and where to find a job Pay has improved for new graduates
Sub Plans for First Grade Math & ELA NO PREP
Children having an English class at the Language Center in Vietnam
Describe a favorite in-class activity or assignment.
Elliott Hammer: I'm a Member of STP and This is How I Teach
View from entrance View from opposite corner
I call this large central area the “Anchor Spot.” It features a couch, bench, chair, 2 coffee tables and 2 end tables, with an area rug to define the space.
I Teach. by KTVee, via Flickr
My View: Chicago school day: A teacher responds
s push for substitute teachers
How I Teach Students to Write Historical Arguments - A world history teacher breaks it down
Teaching students multiple strategies to solve math problems develops their mathematical thinking and teaches them to
Four students sit on colorful floor, looking up at teacher as she gestures at white
How to Create a Seating Chart
Best Music Software for Chromebooks & BYOD Schools
New to Teaching ELLs?
27 Teacher Problems That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud
Classroom layout – what does the research say? 'The teacher's educational ...
This Bright Ideas article recommends five specific and measurable actions teachers can implement to assist ELL learning in the upcoming year.
Tell us about your favorite lecture topic or course to teach.
Note: some responses have been lightly edited for length or clarity.
Da Capo Explained
Click here for a fun beginning band game to use in your classroom! Engage your
Free teacher toolbox labels to organize your classroom supplies.
ALICE shooter still 1
Dear Teachers, Please Go Home
Pupils in a classroom. Teachers should encourage slow learners to participate in class activities more
Make a "phone prison" to confiscate phones that aren't supposed to be out during class. My phone prison! I teach ...
This is my classroom ...
At A-level, pupils are used to being taught a subject in the same
It is possible for educators to make better choices about how and when to teach to the test than the alarmist newspaper articles and editorials would seem ...
On a Mission to Prevent English Teacher Burnout
Teach Like a Champion: Getting everyone's attention in class
View from entrance
Tell us about your favorite lecture topic or course to teach.
Students develop conjectures during class
Describe a favorite in-class activity or assignment.
Station Rotation Model in Action
Describe a favorite in-class activity or assignment.
As I teach these expectations, routines, and procedures to my students, I find it extremely helpful to make visuals, so I can post them in my classroom and ...
3 fun ways to use countdown timers in the classroom | Teachers Resource Force
Teaching Abroad Survey Irish teachers in Britain report long hours, high stress, 'immense
Teacher Feature: What It Means to Be an Outstanding Teacher | Humanities Texas
Teaching high school and middle school English. My entire curriculum and how I teach in my classroom. The first six weeks of school. Back to school.
My View: Advice to a new teacher
So many teachers love using interactive notebooks to organize their classrooms and curriculum. But I
Smart Classroom Management: How To Eliminate Cell Phone Use In The Classroom
Student Input in Classroom Layout
Andrew Sewell
On a Mission to Prevent English Teacher Burnout
The popular ebook, now on Medium, complete and unabridged.
What has been the best professional development you've ever experienced as a photography teacher?
Placement of the Teacher's Desk
10 Ways to Use Technology to Build Vocabulary
I have separated these recommended sequence documents into two skill lists: Basic Reading Skills and Comprehension Skills. I teach all of the basic reading ...
What to do first: Creating a welcoming ELL classroom environment
The classroom teacher peeks into the art room before she allows her students to enter. She checks to see where I want them to sit (on the floor, ...
Differentiation means tailoring instruction to meet individual needs. Whether teachers differentiate content, process, products, or the learning environment ...
Young students sit in rows, raising their hands to answer the teacher's question.
What teacher doesn't need more time and what teacher doesn't want to save money, even if it is so you can spend more on "ALL the THINGS?"
This article offers some ways to support ELLs in the mainstream classroom by adapting strategie that classroom teachers may already by using.
tired teachers .
These students figured out that the table was in their way, so they quickly moved it. The blue bulletin boards on each side of the dry-erase board have now ...
What Are the First Lessons I Teach for Each Choice?
A new BBC series, 'Tough Young Teachers', is proving a hit. Nick Morrison meets the graduates for whom teaching is more than just a profession
I teach adults with special needs. When I got hired, I had blank,
How to create smart year long literacy centers kindergarten
Teaching With a Mountain View: How and When I Teach Reading Skills in Upper Elementary
Fans legs, one holding a large poster of Trump's face
Word Study: Learning Word Patterns
A teacher helps students during class
Photo of classroom with creative furniture and design
Dear Teacher, My Gifted Child is in Your Class
Three words that best describe your teaching style.
A student stands at the front of the classroom with her teacher, talking to her