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Superior view of the right knee joint Anatomy note world t
Anatomy Of Knee Joint Labeled Human Anatomy Images on On Knee Anatomy Ligaments Images Human Refer
Digital radiograph (A) and line drawing (B) of the ostrich right knee
This figure shows a synovial joint. The cavity between two bones contains the synovial fluid
As an athlete (Yes! YOU are an athlete!) it is wise to know how your body works and what does what. And I totally get in to this stuff :)
This diagram shows the location of the bursae which are fluid filled sacs in a bone
Epidemiology /Etiology
human muscular system: lateral view
Gross Anatomy of Bone
Three-dimensional model of the ostrich right knee, showing bones, ligaments, and
Superior view of menisci of right knee
The top panel in this figure shows a normal hip joint, and the bottom panel
Pivot joint
Meniscus Anatomy
Figure 1a - Drawing of a right knee as viewed from the front. The ACL
human muscular system: anterior view
Coracohumeral ligament (CHL)
This illustration shows an anterior view if the right femur. The femur is split in
Generalized knee showing sesamoid bones found in various mammals, although possibly no species includes all
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Photographs of a right knee joint from a 64-year-old woman. (
A traumatic dislocation of the tibiotarsal joint of the ankle with distal fibular fracture. Open arrow marks the tibia and the closed arrow marks the talus.
Figure 2 - Clockwise from upper left: Diagram of the right knee. Upper right: Arthroscopic view of a chronically ACL-deficient knee.
Anterior view showing the sciatic nerve going down the right leg
A very severe case of genu valgum of the left knee following bone cancer treatment.
Glenohumeral Joint Anatomy, Stabilizer, and Biomechanics - Shoulder & Elbow - Orthobullets
Lateral compartment degeneration in an active and
Anatomical photographs of tibial plateau demonstrating the relative size and attachments of the medial and lateral
ACL Tear | Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury | Knee Specialist | Vail, CO
The left panel shows the anterior lateral view of the pectoral girdle muscle, and the
Anatomy Abdomen Tiesworks.jpg
Fracture/dislocations can result in neurovascular trauma to the popliteal vessels and sciatic nerve, and the assessment of pulses and distal nerve function ...
Scar from partial left menisectomy in 1980 (~30 years before photo); more recent surgery leaves smaller scars.
Muscles of the forearm (posterior view).
Anterior view of the muscles of the human leg.
Generalized tetrapod with anatomical/developmental axes defined for the hindlimb: cranial/caudal (
This illustration contains three diagrams. The left diagram is titled examples of processes formed where
This composite image shows the different types of synovial joints in the body. In the
Same knee as above, treated with a lateral unicomp
Treatment for Knee Locking or Locked Knee
X-ray of total knee replacement, lateral (side) view.
Three quarter view of the knee joint showing the meniscus, cruciate, acl and mcl
The top left panel shows the lateral view of the pectoral and back muscles. The
Normal hip anatomy, side view
Hip fracture
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Limb anatomy[edit]
Anteroposterior (AP) radiograph of the hip reveals
Diagram showing where the ACL is located
This figure shows the lateral view on the left panel and anterior view on the right
Vertical alignment[edit]
Left elbow extended and flexed
long ...
X-ray with angles used to evaluate knee replacement: HKA: Hip-knee-ankle angle. FFC: frontal femoral component angle. FTC: frontal tibial component angle
Same knee as above, treated with a constrained pri
Pertinent anatomic relationships (right knee) as reported by Johannsen et al. 25 (
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Dorsal view of the right foot, showing major muscles, tendons, and nerves.
X-rays of giant cell tumor
Picture of the Human Eye
A World Without Work
The formation of hard knobs at the middle finger joints (known as Bouchard's nodes) and at the farthest finger joints (known as Heberden's nodes) are a ...
Common and superficial peroneal nerves, branches,
Femur with Q angle: the angle formed by a line drawn from the anterior superior iliac spine through the center of the patella and a line drawn from the ...
human muscular system: posterior view
Blood supply
Deep peroneal nerve, branches, and cutaneous inner
Severe valgus deformity in a 68-year-old patient.
Correct Sequence and Documentation of Valgus and Varus Stress Test in Knee
The top of this illustration shows an anterior view of the proximal end of the femur
X-ray of the left femur of a 5-year-old boy with an exostosis at the lateral side, just above the knee.
MRI of a lateral meniscus tear.
Same knee as above, treated with a closing wedge o
Most anatomy texts do not depict a floating 10th … but the classic Gray's Anatomy does! It could just be an inaccuracy, or perhaps it suggests that the ...
This illustration shows the spongy bone within the proximal epiphysis of the femur in two successively
Normal hip anatomy
Deep vein thrombosis of the right leg.jpg
Achilles tendon at foetus
Forelimb dog corrected.JPG
Mechanical axis is measured on full-length weightb
X-ray of total knee replacement, anterior-posterior (front to back) view.
A ...
Hind limb dog corrected.JPG
X-rays of an acetabular fracture before and after internal fixation
A generic long bone is shown at the top of this illustration. The bone is
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