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Varieties in the Pacific Northwest are Curled dock Rumex crispus
Varieties in the Pacific Northwest are Curled dock (Rumex crispus), Western dock (Rumex occidentalis) and Willow dock (Rumex triangulivalvis).
Curly dock
Broadleaf Dock
Curly Dock Also Known As
You've probably have noticed a lot of plants and weeds coming up in your garden, lawn, and around your house.
Broadleaf Dock
Curly dock seedling
Identifying spring curly dock: an edible, weedy wild plant
Curly Dock. Curly dock or Rumex crispus ...
Curly Dock , Rumex
Rumex crispus - curly dock
Curly dock or Rumex crispus (AKA "Sour dock" is a native of Europe and parts of Asia; not of North America. Whether it arrived in Western Washington via a ...
Curly dock leaves are long ovals that start and end at definite points. They have long leaf stems that attach to the root when the plant is young, ...
Fruits of curled dock, showing typical arrowhead shape
... yellow dock
... yellow dock seeds fall ...
Curly Dock in Bloom
Young curly dock grows as a "basal rosette", which is where all the leaves come out of a central point, right at the top of the root.
General Species Description. Curly dock ...
Natural Health and Prevention: Yellow Dock - An Iron Rich Tea Medicinal Weeds, Natural
A basal rosette of tender young Curly Dock (Rumex crispus) leaves
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Curly dock nutrition
Rumex longifolius DC.
Nipplewort (lapsana communis): This European native is a common weed in the Pacific
ocrea on Broadleaf dock Rumex obtusifolius
Calcium Oxalate Phytolith from Curled Dock (Rumex crispus) Leaves
A Curly dock rosette develops during its first year of growth.
Difference of Docks Wild Edibles, Herbal Remedies, Herbalism, Weed, Articles, Spices
Curly Dock Sour Dock Yellow Dock Narrowleaf Dock Curley Dock Curled Dock Scientific Name(s): Rumex crispus L.
Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus) Root, Cut and Sifted, PNW Grown, Certified Organic
curly dock rumex seeds
Weeds of the PNW— Broadleaf Plantain Plantago major
Curly Dock
Herb of the Month: Cleavers (galium aparine) One of the first plants of spring, and you don't want to miss it's amazing health benefits!
Rumex crispus. Curly Dock or Yellow Dock - a perennial, broadleaf weed with a long taproot. Very hard to kill or eliminate from your lawn or garden.
3 Iron Rich Herbs
Unfurling curly dock leaves ripe for the picking.
I believe this is a young curly dock, aka Rumex crispus (yes, it is a relative of the sourgrass in the previous post; they are both in the "dock" family.)
curly dock, Rumex crispus, Oslo Norway
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Plant(s); Steve Dewey, Utah State University, Bugwood.org. Additional Resolutions & Image Usage
E-Flora BC: Electronic Atlas of the Flora of British Columbia. Rumex crispus L. curled dock ...
Bitter Dock, Rumex obtusifolius, is often confused with Yellow/Curly Dock, Rumex crispus. Bitter dock has broader leaves and the stem is tinted red, ...
Fruit(s); Disseminules, some with outer tepals still attached. D. Walters and C. Southwick, USDA, Bugwood.org. Additional Resolutions & Image Usage
Curly dock has a translucent, papery "sheath" (called an ocrea) at the end of each leaf stem, where they attach to the root or to the stalk.
Curly dock is one of those plants which I historically categorized as being grossly overrated. Foragers go on and on about the succulent texture, the rich, ...
Foliage; Lynn Sosnoskie, University of Georgia, Bugwood.org. Additional Resolutions & Image Usage
Index of Species Information. SPECIES: Rumex acetosella
Left: the ocrea at every joining of the leave stems and the stalk. Right: the young flower bud, which is also edible.
... yellow dock small seeds ...
yellow dock leaves yellow dock leaves yellow dock seed ...
Fruit(s); Four fruits with perianth remains removed. Apices pointing up. D. Walters and C. Southwick, USDA, Bugwood.org
how to, grinding dock seed into flour by then northwest forager
purple deadnettle
Broadleaf Dock
Wild Carrot - Queen Anne's Lace
Broadleaf Dock
A mature Curly dock plant can have flowering stalks reaching up to 4 feet.
Curly Dock, Rumex crispus, Broadleaf
Flower(s); Steve Dewey, Utah State University, Bugwood.org. Additional Resolutions & Image Usage
Arrow-leaved balsamroot
My favorite consumption method is to drink bitter dock root in a tea, combined with ginger, turmeric and honey.
Boil the rootstock and eat it as a vegetable. Excellent when roasted, the taste is somewhat like potatoes. Warning: some species can cause skin reactions.
Stems of curly dock, as well as other plants in this family, have noticeably
Curly Dock
Curly Dock
Sulfur cinquefoil is relatively rare in its native range in Turkey, but is an abundant invasive plant in Montana
Curly Dock
Broadleaf Dock
A Curly Dock (Rumex Crispus) Plant That Is Very Mature And In Its Seed
Broadleaf Dock
... Curled Dock (Rumex crispus) ...
Wild lettuce leaves and stems grow closer together than prickly lettuce. Prickly lettuce has wavy, toothed leaves. We'll focus on wild lettuce, ...
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Curly Dock ...
Curly Dock
Varieties in the Pacific Northwest are Yellow cow-lily (Nuphar lutea) and Western cow-lily (Nuphar polysepala). Grows in shallow, calm water in plains, ...
Flooded Deschampsia
Foliage; Bruce Ackley, The Ohio State University, Bugwood.org. Additional Resolutions & Image Usage
Rumex obtusifolius
curly dock
Rumex acetosella
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yellow dock. Rumex crispus ...
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Map Courtesy U. S. Department of Agriculture