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Not your mother not your milk the diary industry kills me and my
not your mother, not your milk - the diary industry kills me and my mum courtesy Jo Frederiks - Stolen Lives / Stolen Milk #vegan
Calf Care Part 1: Why do dairy farmers separate calves from their mothers? – HeimDairy
A bobby calf without his mother.
why vegan? the shame of the dairy industry: cows feel, they are aware and they are not milking machines
not your mother not your milk #vegan Vegan Animals, Farm Animals, Cows,
not your milk to drink, don't deprive calves of their mothers' milk
Photo: Priyanka Parashar/Mint
Be their voice!
Cows produce milk to feed their babies. These babies undergo the trauma of being torn from their mothers just days after birth …
Except, of course, on dairy farms nothing about an animal's body or reproductive process is respected as private or belonging to them.
The Big Business of Dairy Farming: Big Trouble for Cows – Advocacy for Animals
The dark side of dairy
slaughter-free dairy
Calves destined for the meat industry may be transported for several days over long distances. Naturally, calves suckle from their mothers ...
Dairy's 'dirty secret': it's still cheaper to kill male calves than to rear them | Environment | The Guardian
I am not a milk machine. I am a mother, and I miss my
(Farm and Dairy photo)
Mothers Against Dairy A ...
The problem with the dairy industry
The Dairy Industry
Beef and milk are two sides of the same coin, especially in India where cattle
Despite what Mercy For Animals wants you to think, we don't abuse our cows. #RealWiDairy - Dairy Carrie
Meatonomics author says government working with meat and dairy industry to boost consumption | Science | The Guardian
dairy calves are taken away from their mothers at birth
The Dairy Industry
saying no to glass of milk
contrary to popular belief - cows do NOT need to be milked constantly. The dairy industry has lied to you. (I mean DUH!
Dairy farming is a family affair. Bateman Brothers
So recently I have received messages from several people about some very wrong information that is floating around the internet. Of course I feel the need ...
A Project Report On Potential and Future of Dairy industry An Insight of Mother Dairy Submitted CERTIFICATE I ...
If you believe that cows belong in fields, 'free range' milk will give you hope | Joanna Blythman | Opinion | The Guardian
Dairy's 'dirty secret': it's still cheaper to kill male calves than to rear them | Environment | The Guardian
Probably one of the most misunderstood topics about dairy farming is the “mystery” of what happens to the male calves. Female cows are the only ones that ...
Don't support the dairy industry.
closeup of cow
Ilya Naymushin / Reuters
Supporting the dairy industry inflicts more pain on cows than you know. And yes, that includes drinking their milk | The Independent
Slaughter of Baby Cows | The Truth About Milk & Cheese
A dairy cow in an abattoir holding paddock with an engorged and painful udder. She
7 Reasons To Choose Only Organic Dairy Products:
Is breastfeeding vegan? The short answer is yes. In fact, as counterintuitive as
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2 million calves are born in the UK every year. About half of those are male and they are mostly raised for veal. Some calves are also exported to the EU, ...
r/vegan - This Is The Basis of All Dairy Farming: forcing female animals to become pregnant, then invading and destroying their motherhood, stealing their ...
The American dairy industry ...
Whole Foods Market 365 brand organic milk depicts the image of a healthy, happy calf
Unlike the sorry state of ...
Dairy products ...
dairy farmer artificial insemination
Decalf and his bros
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Picture: Fish and Game New Zealand
The use of rBGH causes other serious problems, including chronic mastitis (a painful bacterial infection and swelling of the udder), which is related to ...
Organic production has a particular challenge since the ideology of organic production and the expectations. “
Farmers want to do the best for their animals, but harsh economic pressures have created
Loving Dylan was destined for slaughter as a veal calf before his rescue by Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. A Byproduct of the Cruel Dairy Industry
A Small Dairy Farmer Addresses a Vegan's Concern about Separating Calves from Mothers
Slaughter-Free Dairy Is Hailed as the Future of 'Humane' Dairy. But It Isn't.
You do not need to consume meat and dairy for a healthy diet.
The vegan parents who are bringing up meat and dairy-free children
dairy cows in barn
Alarming: Scenes on the programme proved too much for some viewers and the channel received
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01 / What is it like working on a New Zealand dairy farm?
Indoor housing of dairy cows Denmark investigation.jpg
A photograph supposedly showing inhumane "veal crates" is actually a picture of hutches used for the protection of newborn dairy calves.
Recently I received an email from a vegan activist, asking me whether the dairy industry really does kill all male calves at birth.
Organic dairy farm supports hunt by offering dead animals as free food
mama kissing baby cow 1
... to follow their instincts by grazing. In addition, cows that spend time outdoors have less chance to get common health problems such as mastitis, ...
The dark side of dairy
Times are tough for dairy farmers. We must stop demonising them | Ben Eagle | Opinion | The Guardian
Annexure; 4. PREFACE As MBA students our aim should not ...
cow milk fever
Not your mother, not your bovine mammary secretions. ✌ ❤ 🌿
Dairy cows outside in a field
Okanagan Animal Save protests at D Dutchmen Dairy in Sicamous – Salmon Arm Observer
funny goat puts out its tongue